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How to massage your scalp for hair regrowth

scalp massageThe nourishment of the scalp as we all know is due to the micro-circulation through the blood that provides all the nutrients to hair follicles making our hair healthy and strong. To keep our hair healthy is therefore necessary to ensure that the flow of blood is constant. The massage on the scalp is therefore good for our hair as it promotes microcirculation. Of course, massage the hair does not mean defeat baldness or androgenetic alopecia, but it certainly is an operation that can only bring benefits. Typical itching sensation in the head or worse slight pain is a symptom of a malaise of our scalp. It may mean that these unpleasant sensations are due to an excess of sebum that occlude the almost choking the hair follicles.


In this situation, our hair will become weaker and less nourishment until you drop. In this case, a massage with the use of special ingredients such as sesame oil or coconut helps the hair to "breathe". The massage on the hair, however, has a downside and that is conducive to long run production of sebum that would worsen the situation. For this reason, the massage head should not be longer than 10 minutes. Even a massage a week should bring benefits, of course, a brief but intense massage every day, even a few minutes can slow down hair loss, making them healthier and more resilient. If the massage is done to the hair with special cleansers such as coconut oil, sesame oil or argan oil benefits are doubled, but only if you use natural oils, pure and fresh juicing.



Technique of massage on the scalp

First, find a comfortable chair and begin to tap with your fingertips gently on the head by applying the natural oil in the scalp. Remember to start treatment with dry hair as a shampoo or a shower after the hair becomes more fragile at the moment. Start rhythmically massaging with the fingertips before the head from the hairline up to the neck. Continue finally the massage on the forehead and temples. Try to keep the head bent forward so as to bring more blood flow to the scalp. After 4 or 5 minutes past the hour palm of the hand over the entire scalp for 5 or 6 times by pressing the scalp forward and backward.
For the last past one or two hands in her hair, hair that you pull lightly and gently .


Video: typical example of anti hair loss massage on the scalp