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How much hair loss is normal?

How much hair you lose a day?

How much hair loss is normalHair loss is definitely a physiological phenomenon, within certain limits. The hair that falls have reached the end of their growth cycle and are replaced by new hair products from hair follicles, which are located inside the follicles.
However, there are conditions that can lead to hair loss more substantial, such as menopause, pregnancy and lactation, periods of high stress, drastic diets unbalanced and the intake of certain medications. The hair loss increases in a natural way during spring and autumn and in particular that is certainly favored by repeated use of chemical agents such as dyes, perms and mechanical systems, such as the abuse of straightening plates.



How much hair we have in total?

On average over our heads, there are about 100,000 hair follicles. Each follicular unit hosts from one to five hair, depending on the thickness of the hair. Over the course of a person's life, within each follicle hair fall and grow at least 20 times. It is a cycle genetically determined.



What is normal hair loss and excessive hair loss

It is considered normal in a fall of 40-120 hairs per day, based on the number of follicles still active and the development cycle of the same. Those who have fine and thin hair, tend to have a higher amount of hair follicles compared to subjects with thicker stems and therefore generally lose more hair.
The life cycle of hair is composed of three phases, called anagen, catagen, telogen, which determine the birth, growth, the fall and the regrowth of the hair. The cutting and shaving hair does not have any effect on fall or regrowth. Hair regrowth, however, can be affected by diet, by general psycho-physical state and specific health problems of the scalp.