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FUT Hair transplantationHair loss can have quite serious consequences on our mental balance. The hair is born, grows stretches and falls. The fall of 70 to 100 hairs per day is physiological, the important thing that must be compensated by those who grow back. Hair loss is quite often a hereditary issue, but other times it can be due to hormonal diseases (a malfunction of the thyroid gland), diseases that involve high fevers or iron deficiencies, and so on. We can see that the hair that falls most frequently are those of the front of the neck while they tend to thin out not because they are more similar to the characteristics such as facial hair and it is these that are used for the transplant.



The transplant surgery is painful?

The Hair transplant, done under local anesthesia, does not cause pain, but occurs after surgery only a slight sense of tension in the treated area. There are two techniques for the transplant: the FUT and FUE technique. The difference between the two techniques is in the way the hair are taken which will then be grafted in the areas where the hair are fallen. In both types of intervention hair are taken from the nape. In FUT is taken a skin strip from which are derived the individual hairs to be implanted. In FUE, each hair is taken individually.


Number of follicular units for hair transplant

The follicular units needed for a good transplant depends on the size of the area free of hair. Normally require from 1000 to 5000 follicular units to reach the density of 30-90 follicular units per cm². With the FUT technique can be extracted 4000-5000 follicular units in one surgery.



FUE hair transplantWith the FUE technique can be extracted 3000-3500 follicular units in one surgery. If you need more follicular units, we must proceed to a second surgery that will be performed 6 months after the first. Although it is possible to transplant 3000-4000 follicular units, the number of such units taken and transplanted per session is better than be of 1000-2000. This is because the result obtained in two sessions conducted at a distance of a few months is higher density and naturalness to that achieved with a single session where they are transplanted 3000 follicular units.


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