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Causes of female hair loss

hair loss in womenHair loss in women is an event to keep under observation, it will depend on a variety of factors ranging from the environment, stress, passing through a wide use of products decidedly aggressive, but not only!. Let's find out together with some important remedy for hair loss in women, girls or old ladies. Hair loss in women is a problem in strong growth, which creates situations of hardship and frustration. The causes linked to hair loss are varied, ranging from stress, passing through small everyday tensions, environmental pollution, use of products and treatments that are unsuitable or aggressive. Regarding inheritance researchers, however, have strong doubts.



But why you lose your hair?

The negative factors affecting the problem of female hair loss is the excessive production of sebum, dandruff of the scalp or skin very dry. All situations that put at risk the life of the hair follicles, also we should not forget the repeated dyeing and last but not least, an improper diet.

When you experience continued itching, pain in the scalp or an inexplicable presence of dandruff, when the hair after a while time from the dry and dull look fat, well, the case will make a hair test, to try to discover the cause.

If the number of hairs that fall is on the rise and affects the entire scalp, including the sides and the back of the head, we can speak of Telogen.

This is manifested by a significant thinning, which should not be confused with telogen effluvium season, which covers a physiological process and occurs in spring and autumn.



Other causes may be:

- Fever, which increases the metabolic activity;

- The post-partum as a result of bleeding and decreased protein levels in plasma;

- Food Diet deficient in nutrients of various kinds;

- Diets drastic devoid of proteins.


Even if untreated hyperthyroidism can lead to atrophy of the follicular units, taking medications, such as anticoagulants or antihypertensive or serious illnesses.


The tests recommended in these cases are:

- Test of the hair, to examine the structure;

- The Trichogramma serves to highlight the failure of the growth cycle;

- Mineralogram essential to detect nutritional deficiencies such as iron.

As for the causes also cures are different.


Home and natural remedies for female hair loss

Among the natural and home remedies we can find packs of hay greek put before the infusion shampoo, mask or aloe vera to keep on for at least half an hour, or more packs of olive oil. Another aid comes from a study of American research that relies on the use of stem cells to stimulate the function of stem cells "silent differentiated " predisposed to hair regrowth.