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Nutrition and diet for healthy and strong hair

Foods for healthy hairThe nutrition and diet for hair, what to eat to maintain healthy, strong and shiny our hair. As we all know the hair is made up of 90% solid proteins such as keratin, water, fat and trace elements. In turn, the keratin is formed by two essential amino acids such as lysine and cystine, amino acids that our body can not produce. It is therefore essential to take these nutrients through proper nutrition to keep our hair healthy. If you notice a sudden drop in the amount of hair above the norm, if we notice that the hair is more brittle and split ends are formed we must begin to react to try and eliminate these problems.



Once you are satisfied that the underlying problem is not a disease like alopecia androgentica, almost certainly the cause must be sought in situations of physical or psychological stress or an incorrect diet. The hair was born and raised on our skin nourished by the blood circulation of the scalp. I's then the blood that transports nutrients to our hair to keep it healthy, strong and shiny. Is then what we eat that after digestion is distributed in the form of amino acids, vitamins and trace minerals. Fundamental is the intake of sulfur amino acids whose deficiency leads to weakening of the hair, making it brittle. The sulfur amino acids are mostly found in grains, such as wheat, barley, spelled.

No less important is the intake of vitamins such as pantothenic acid or vitamin B5 which is widespread in many foods such as liver, brewer's yeast, wheat bran, whole wheat flour in in beef. Vitamin B6 or pyridoxine can help in the fight incredibly androgenetic alopecia as it counteracts the action of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase. We can find Pyridoxine vitamin in these foods: milk, cereal, fruit and meat. Vitamin C is essential to prevent cell aging, stimulates microcirculation and oxygen exchange. Vitamin C is found in fruits such as citrus fruits, lemons, oranges, strawberries, kiwi, and then in the parsley and peppers.



Although niacin or vitamin PP and Biotin or Vitamin H helps in hair regrowth promoting the metabolism of fats and proteins. Niacin and Biotin is found in foods such as meat and eggs. Very often in supplements for hair that are sold in pharmacies are also other nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin E, which fights aging, vitamin B2, which helps the sebaceous secretion, vitamin B4, which improves the life cycle of hair follicles.

But a balanced diet and healthy can not only contain vitamins and proteins, it is necessary to take food that contains essential trace elements such as iron, sulfur, zinc, magnesium, copper. We can find iron in red meat, in some vegetables such as spinach, legumes, liver, nuts. It promotes oxygenation of cells and counteracts the onset of gray hair. Copper helps the synthesis of melanin and is found in potatoes, shellfish, persimmon, cereals, seafood. The sulfur improves the texture of the hair making them stronger. It is found in eggs, pulses, onion, wheat germ , asparagus, brussel sprouts, garlic. Magnesium promotes the regrowth of hair and helps the metabolism of melanin. This mineral is found in bananas, fish, milk, nuts and grains. Finally, the zinc that improves the life cycle of the hair is found in meat and fish.