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Labo Crescina hair loss


The vials Crescina were produced from laboratories Labo in Switzerland since the 90's for all those who have problems with hair loss, referring to those people who are lost in greater number than average. In 2013, the labs comes with the product CRESCINA HFSC Agenone which, according to the official website should slow down aging of the scalp and the life cycle of the hair bulb in such a way as to facilitate the re-growth of hair.
After a while, is deployed cosmetic Crescina Complex which should act on two fronts: the vials Crescina Complex for topical use containing Agenone and other active ingredients that slow down aging of the scalp, while the Crescina Complex capsules, swallow, should counteract the effects of androgenetic alopecia. These capsules contain Omega 3 and 6 acids, plant extracts of Camellia sinensis and panax ginseng.



Does Crescina work?

Many think that Crescina is the final product which will solve the problem forever hair loss, male or female makes no difference.
In fact, we must remember that the wand does not exist and that there is a cosmetic that can prevent our hair from falling especially if you suffer from androgenetic alopecia. Those who suffer from alopecia should first consult a good dermatologist trichologist, who will prescribe the cure anti- fall. Therapy that generally include the use of drugs such as finasteride and minoxidil. But that's another story.

Given that the cosmetics Crescina HSFC or Complex are not the best solution in case of baldness due to genetic causes (finasteride and minoxidil are the only drugs approved by the FDA for the treatment of alopecia), we can say that instead if the follicle is not yet atrophied can be a great help for hair regrowth or at least to arrest the fall. Crescina can be considered as a valid product also in the case of thinning and hair loss due to stress or deficiency of vitamins and minerals.



Crescina views and opinions on the web and in online forums

The vials Crescina are produced in Padua (Italy) and, currently , there are several different types, so suitable to the needs of both men and women.
The opinions on this product are very different and conflicting. There are those who find it really a miracle product and able to drastically reduce hair loss at any age. And we have instead the supporters of the idea that the vials Crescina not have a real effect. Probably the truth lies somewhere in between.


Prices Crescina: how much does it cost?

Crescina is definitely not the "anti - fall" cheaper, in fact.
The price ranges from $ 60 ( per pack with 12 vials ) 260 $ for the new formula Complex 24 vials. The price goes up if we buy the product in pharmacies and specialized stores. The cost is lower instead on online shopping portals like eBay, Kelkoo or Trovaprezzi.


The answer Crescina : email from laboratories Labo Suisse

We received an email directly from laboratories Labo Suisse and the correctness publish entirely:

labo laboratory logoThe first results measured already after two months of regular application
You can promote hair regrowth?
Published research that demonstrates the effectiveness of a preparation for thinning hair.
The scientific journal "Dermatology and Therapy" published by Springer publishes study on the effectiveness of Crescina ® in stimulating hair growth.

Shampoos, creams, lotions, gels, foams and supplements. The product range includes anti-fall is varied and vast. In the market, there are many cosmetics that promise to curb hair loss. But you can encourage the growth of new hair and restore hair to look healthy and lush, even when suffering from alopecia and scalp thinned out by now?

Springer, the German publishing group specializing in the dissemination of scientific books and journals - including the works of more than 150 Nobel laureates, some 1,500 journals and 5,000 new books per year - has recently published a study of Crescina HFSC ® (Human Follicle Stem Cell) by researchers at the Department of Biology and Biotechnology, University of Pavia. The test results were disclosed by the authoritative journal "Dermatology and Therapy" in an article that covers all stages of scientific experimentation.

Laboratory research on potential remedies acquires considerable importance when you consider the large number of people suffering from androgenetic alopecia (AGA) - almost 80% of the male population and over 50 % of the female - the strong personal distress that causes this condition, and the fact that the vast majority of stakeholders does not resort to purely pharmacological remedies in favor of solutions that can help combat the problem in a manner less invasive.

For the study of the effectiveness of Crescina have lent male subjects between the ages of 20 and 55 years, all with androgenetic alopecia.
In all patients was applied directly on the scalp, and especially in areas of thinning (especially vertex and temples) a vial of Crescina HFSC for 5 days per week continuously for 4 months.

After two months, the researchers found a significant increase instrumentally, from the statistical point of view, the number of hairs in the growth phase (+6.8 %). After four months, the results were even more evident (+10.7 %).

The data showed that, if applied according to the directions, Crescina ® is able to stimulate in a clear manner the growth of hair in areas thinned improving the tensile strength. The product also helps to slow down hair loss.

The most surprising result of the test lies in the dissemination of benefits: the researchers measured and verified positive results of all the volunteers who have used Crescina ® for the four months of treatment. Then Crescina ® was effective in 100% of test subjects .

The content of the article "Clinical Efficacy of a Cosmetic Treatment by Crescina ® Human Follicle Stem Cell on Healthy Males with Androgenetic Alopecia" is available at: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs13555-013-0021-2