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Causes of hair loss

causes of hair lossLose a hundred hairs a day is considered a physiological process. It is a cycle that repeats itself throughout the life of an individual and until the fall hair enters within the normal cycle of hair growth and we have not to worry. If the ratio of the hair loss and hair regrowth being hangs in favor of the first, then we can talk about real hair loss. At this point you have to wonder if it is a temporary phenomenon or a phenomenon that leads to the thinning or even to baldness. First of all must be done hair analysis. The trichogram is a specific examination of the hair allowing to evaluate whether a person is subject to a regular hair loss.


For example, lets you know if the dandruff or seborrhea are compromising the health of the hair and help it to fall.
It is obvious that there are cases within the exclusive competence of the doctor trichologist such as the fall due to hormonal dysfunction, or if the patient is suffering from androgenetic alopecia.

Let us see what are the causes which determine the hair loss.
List them and then we will evaluate in particular.



List of causes that can lead to hair loss:

sun - tanning beds - active and passive smoking - stress - anti anxiety drugs and antidepressants - unbalanced diet - anemia - Postpartum - anticoagulant drugs, antidepressants, cholesterol-lowering, anti-viral, beta-blockers - some supplements - suspension of the birth control pill - high fever - weight loss diets unbalanced - surgery - the transitional seasons - inheritance - error of the immune system - old age.