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Breastfeeding and postpartum hair loss


Hair loss during pregnancy and breastfeeding: causes and remedies

Breastfeeding and postpartum hair lossThe increase hair loss during the period of gestation, and even more so during lactation, is a phenomenon in itself quite natural and temporary, linked to the change of the hormonal general.
However, many women experience during pregnancy, the opposite phenomenon, characterized by radiant skin and hair looking very bright, thanks to the increased rate of estrogen. Other times, however, especially in conjunction with difficult pregnancies accompanied by nutritional deficiencies or state of high stress, it may happen that the hair loss is higher than the norm. After the birth, postpartum, occurs a further decline in circulating estrogen, responsible for hair loss particularly pronounced.


It is a natural condition, temporary and completely reversible, which usually returns to normal within 6-12 months. If the abnormal hair loss is prolonged in time or starts to be noticed thinning hair, it is advisable to request a visit tricologica to evaluate treatments targeted and appropriate care, as it might be in the presence of an alteration in the growth cycle of hair, as well as consider taking specific supplements.
If the situation is normal, you can also make a contribution simply by following a proper diet. Hair is composed mainly of protein, so a diet rich in proteins, which are found in meat, fish, soy and legumes, and fatty acids that are in extra virgin olive oil, will bring great benefit.


It is important to take B vitamins, which are rich in whole grains and vegetables, which help to regulate sebum secretion and the activity of the hair follicle, as well as vitamin A, which we find in fruits and vegetables orange, like carrots, pumpkin, peach. Vitamin H is valuable in combating hair loss, and is found in brewer's yeast and dried fruit .
Even more so during pregnancy and lactation is advisable to choose top quality cosmetic products for the care and cleansing of the scalp hair, which stimulate the resumption of normal life cycle of the hair.